Alan M.
it's new! there's a discount during their opening weeks. prices are reasonable, considering the nose-bleed high rent they must have to pay to Bishop Estate. for an add'l. $1, you can order other ramen styles: tan tan, tonkotsu, zasai, black garlic, curry. gyoza is big & fat -- yummy! their menu is very similar to Ramen Ya, their competition with more locations, but Ramen Ya has not-Japanese owners (ramen is a Japanese word) & a usual brusque (curt, snappy) manner among the wait staff, even over the phone, that irks some folks. is that perceived brusqueness cultural only? or maybe the hired help & owners couldn't care less how customers perceive them? Daiichi offers udon also for all their ramen offerings. sometimes udon "hits the spot" -- their fatness reminds me of sumo wrestlers. their broth is much better than Ramen Ya & isn't overpowering the way that many dead serious/one-shop ramen eateries (Manichi, Wagaya, et al.) make their broths. i peeked into the kitchen, their cooks were young males from Japan (the waitresses too), not the assorted ethnic cooks you'll see at some other eateries. like other ethnic groups, tradition is very strong among Japanese, esp. when it comes to food preparation. condiments on the table are labeled ! which is a rarity. tossed salads are available which nicely complement meat side orders if you're t r y i n g to eat healthier & avoid carbs/oil.
Kristi Kei M.
First time eating here ever. They just opened their newest store across from Kahala Mall. Decided to give it try after looking up their menu online. We did a takeout order since we're still not free from covid19. They answered the phone right away and were very friendly and helpful. We ordered a miso ramen combo with chicken katsu and fried rice, a beef curry with rice, a shoyu ramen combo with gyozas, and a side order calamari. Order was ready quickly and everything was in our box correctly. Generous portions. Both ramens were flavorful. The fried rice was really good. You could see what was put into it compare to other restaurants where the ingredients are so tiny and have no taste. The gyoza was really good, I liked them a lot. My husband enjoyed the chicken katsu. The calamari was ok, but it might be because it wasn't crispy fresh like if you eat it at the restaurant. But that's what happens with takeout. I definitely would try it again when dining in. The beef curry was ok, in my opinion it had to much rice. But the beef was tender and the veggies were cooked well. I think next time it's fried rice, ramen, and gyozas for me. Overall, this is a great new restaurant in the Waialae area. We look forward to eating here in the future. It was a good choice for a quick delicious dinner.
Evolving Man
Greet service took very little time to get my food even though I ate on its openingday. Beautiful design, awesome food some of the best katsu I've ever had, and it looks like it was safe and clean during the pandemic. The only problem was that the other person I bought food with thought the ramen had too much ginger but thats their opinion someone else might like more ginger.
Cyndee C.
It's nice to have a new ramen shop on this side of the island. Daiichi just opened in the new Kuono Marketplace across Kahala Mall. There's a 15% grand opening discount along with their free gyoza happy hour, 2:30-5:00pm. So we had to get there pronto! First of all, I noticed how shiny and new the condiments are. A plus is having the dried garlic bits available. Yum, garlic! So naturally I had to try the black garlic ramen. It was very satisfying. The broth is rich and flavorful and the noodles are not too mushy, not too firm. It comes with kamaboko, half a shoyu egg, menma (love those bamboo shoots), and charsiu. My hubs got the shrimp spicy udon. It was loaded with won bok and broccoli and shrimp. It had a mildly spicy broth. It seemed like a good choice if you feel you need more vegetables in your life. The gyoza is what you expect from free gyoza, not earth shattering, but still very good. We will be back soon!
Qian L.
I'm happy that they finally opened one near my house. I ordered a black garlic combo with tako yaki and calamari, mapo tofu ramen, and a lemon ice tea. I actually like their lemon ice tea because I like how tea has a good amount of lemon taste in it. Everything else came out hot, fresh and of course delicious too. If you like ramen that's a little spicy then mapo tofu ramen is for you. Black garlic ramen smells appetizing, my husband said it was good but I did not have a taste of it because he ate it all. Friendly workers and clean environment. Will be back again Little notes: they also have Milk tea, Thai tea, lemon ice tea and different flavor cheese cakes too. What a good place to have milk tea and a hot ramen all in one place
Garry Y.
I was pleasantly surprised by the good flavors got the broth, deep rich flavors which made a great dining experience. The noodles were cooked perfectly. I ordered the Tonkotsu Ramen with Curry rice set... Big mistake. Too much food for me. I didn't factor the free 4 piece Gyoza. My companion had the Tan Tan Ramen we both enjoyed our meals and will definitely be back sometime after our nap.
Brian M.
Daiichi Ramen has another location now open and it's in the New Ku'ono Marketplace in Kahala. Located next to Lanikai Juice, I just happened to stumble upon their Grand Opening. Wouldn't you know it, it's lunch time and I'm craving me some curry!. We decided on takeout instead of eating in, but I did have a look inside and they do have quite a bit of seating. I took advantage of the 15% off flyer locate next to the door before I entered and decided on the Gyoza Curry Rice and my other half not being a big eater the Kids Chicken Katsu. I really enjoyed the Curry which had a little spicy/heat to it and the Gyoza was plump and juicy inside. That plate was Ono and hit the spot, I'm a fan of their curry now. The owner/manager was really nice and they had a good number of staff members working to help us right away.